Community Health Needs Assessment

Sibley Medical Center 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

Message to the Community


On behalf of SibleyMedicalCenter, I encourage each of you, the residents of SibleyCounty, to take a few minutes to explore the results of our recent Community Health Needs Assessment.  Real gaps in health issues facing our residents became apparent during the assessment process.  Three core areas rose to the surface as priorities for SibleyMedicalCenter to work towards improving over the next three years.  The areas are: obesity, mental health and prevention & wellness.

 Together I believe we can make a difference in these areas of unmet health needs.  If you have a passion or desire to serve to help improve one of these areas, please let one of the staff at SibleyMedicalCenter know.  These are three complex challenges, each of which can impact the others.  Please join our team of key stakeholders as we work to show improvement in these core areas during the next three-year timeframe.

 In addition, I want to thank many key stakeholders and organizations from a tri-county area, including Sibley, McLeod and Meeker counties, for collaborating on this important assessment to meet the needs of residents in our respective communities.  While there were some differences noted between counties, there were also many similarities of the challenges facing our residents.

 Together we can make a difference!

 With warm regard,

Todd Sandberg, CEO Sibley Medical Center