Colonoscopy Testimonials

Heidi Jo Fisher, age 31, Arlington
Health Unit Coordinator,
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center

“I spent the year after high school taking my mom to chemo and radiation appointments,” explains Heidi Jo Fisher. “It was a pretty tough period for her and all of our family, but we’re lucky that she’s still a part of our lives, because her cancer was pretty advanced when it was discovered.”

Heidi Jo explained that her mom was consulting a doctor about an unrelated health concern when the conversation turned to other symptoms she was experiencing, leading her doctor to recommend a colonoscopy screening. As a result of that screening, Heidi Jo’s mom was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer.

Regular screenings—beginning at age 50—are important because by the time a person notices symptoms, the cancer is likely advanced and more difficult to treat. And with a family history, the American Cancer Society recommends screenings at a much younger age.

“Because of my mom’s situation, I was supposed to have my first screening at age 25. But, I didn’t go until five years later with my husband’s persistence. It’s funny how people are so reluctant to have a colonoscopy, when it’s really such a simple procedure,” Heidi Jo said.

Heidi Jo is glad she finally scheduled her appointment because a polyp was discovered during her colonoscopy. The great news is that there were no indications of cancer, so the polyp was removed during the procedure and she went back to her daily life—nothing changed.

What did change is her attitude toward screenings. She won’t need to be “persuaded” to schedule her next appointment. It’s on her radar. And because a polyp was discovered, she’ll be back in five years to continue her efforts toward preventing cancer from developing altogether.

*Today, Heidi’s mother is a 12-year survivor.

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