Colonoscopy Testimonials

Teresa Kleist, age 56, Henderson
Housekeeping Supervisor,
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center

Married for 37 years, Teresa and her husband have two children and four grandchildren—ages 9, 6, 6 and 1 month. “They all live in the area and we love spending time together,” Teresa said. “I want to stay healthy to see my grandkids grow up. There are so many things we enjoy doing together. Camping. Biking. Baking. But camping is by far our favorite. We love visiting different campgrounds in Minnesota.”

“My oldest granddaughter also likes to help me make salsa and wants me to teach her how to can vegetables. I feel fortunate that they all live so close and they like to spend time with grandma,” she added.

When Teresa turned age 50, her provider, Katie Phillips, PA, told her it was time to schedule a colonoscopy. “It wasn’t presented as optional. She just said it was time and I trust her. It’s always been the same with other screenings as well, like mammograms. I just get them done because my health is important to me,” Teresa explained.

“Because I work in the health care field I knew what to expect with a colonoscopy. Some people think it will be horrible, but it was a quick, painless procedure. Everyone was very kind and professional. Now that I’ve had it done, I have peace-of-mind knowing everything is ok,” she said.

With another important screening complete, Teresa and her husband are looking forward to enjoying activities together with their family. And when it comes to camping, they’re well on their way to getting their parks passport stamped at every state park in Minnesota.

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