Colonoscopy Testimonials

Todd Sandberg, age 50, Silver Lake
Vice President/Administrator,
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center

When it was time for Todd to have a colonoscopy screening earlier this year, he planned to have it somewhere within the Ridgeview system where he could be seen by a physician who specializes in gastrointestinal procedures and performs them every day. He was glad when the time came to schedule his procedure that Dr. Sabina Khan, a board-certified gastroenterologist with Ridgeview Specialty Clinic, had begun performing colonoscopies at Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center.

Todd admits, like many others, anticipation about the procedure left him unnecessarily anxious about the screening. He wasn’t sure what to expect. “And then you worry that they will find something,” he explained. However, I recently experienced the passing of a family friend due to stage IV colon cancer, which—based on what I have heard—could have successfully been treated had he gone in for regular colonoscopies. So I knew it was the right and timely thing to do for me.”

Another one of Todd’s concerns was that, given his job, he sees the individuals involved in his care on a regular basis. In the end, it was not a factor. “From scheduling to the follow-up after the procedure, I had a great experience,” Todd explained. The care team was very professional and did a great job of explaining everything, including the types of sedation options available to me.”

Todd chose to be fully sedated during his procedure. “My goal was to count to five before I became unconscious,” he said, “but the last number I remember was ‘two’.  Then I woke up 10 seconds later and everything was done. Well, at least that’s what it felt like.”

“After having the procedure where I work, I realize having people I know caring for me gave me a great deal of comfort. I would definitely trust my care to this team again in the future.”

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