Colonoscopy Testimonials

Jane Scharpe, age 55, Green Isle
Patient Account Services/Medical Records Manager, Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center

Jane’s work at Ridgeview involves insurance billing and talking with patients every day, for most of the day. When she takes time away from work, she prefers to lay on a beach or take a long road trip with friends or family.

But Jane is the first to agree that being too busy for a colonoscopy screening is not an acceptable excuse. “Preparation and the procedure itself can be accomplished in a day and a half,” she explained. “When I had my screening a few years ago, I started prep at the office and then went home late morning.” Jane stayed home the rest of the day and had her screening the next morning. “I really only missed a day and a half of work.”

Jane also looks at it this way: “I’ve seen friends and family deal with a cancer diagnosis. The chemo, radiation and even a colostomy bag. A little time away from work or your busy lifestyle is a small amount to pay to for this important preventive health screening. It’s something that may even save your life.”

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