Colonoscopy Testimonials

John Zaske, age 53, Arlington
Manager, Facilities Management,
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center

When John Zaske was asked about colonoscopies he was quick to reply with a chuckle, “It’s not something as guys we talk about.”

Born and raised in Arlington, John has worked at Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center for 11 years and also serves as the Fire Chief of the Arlington Fire Department. He has many friends and family members in town, but doesn’t know whether or not his buddies have had colonoscopies. However, he has and he’s ready to talk about this important cancer screening.

John’s first colonoscopy was when he was a bit younger than the recommended screening guideline of age 50. He was presenting symptoms of concern at the time that his doctor recommended he have a screening colonoscopy. And though he doesn’t have any family history of colon cancer, John suggests “Not knowing your family history is a reason in itself to get screened.”

Since colonoscopies are currently not a topic of conversation at the fire station, John fully expects to get “razzed” by the guys when they discover that he’s promoting the procedure.

“There’s honestly nothing about the screening that’s a big deal—none of it. But cancer IS a big deal. Get screened.”

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