Electronic Medical Records

Arlington, May 2010–

Our beginning steps into the future of Electronic Medical Records at Sibley Medical Center started in October of 2009. The first phase included registration, scheduling, billing and home care. We are now implementing Phase II which includes the clinical side of the electronic medical record. The s e c o n d installation began with our “going live” date on January 11th. This next phase includes the hospital inpatient and outpatient services as well as the emergency room, lab and x-ray. How will the second phase implementation affect you? This phase will begin your patient electronic chart, storing tests results and documentation electronically. Lab tests, as well as other medical information, will be stored in the computer for access, by your provider, at all sites. Nurses will be charting on the computer, at the bedside of the patient, changing the process from hand writing all the documentation. Patient safety will be enhanced with program alerts to provide information on allergies, any potential drug reactions and provide the ability to fax prescriptions to your pharmacy directly from the system. The clinic services began in March with the final phase in June of 2010.

Our new EMR system will provide more efficient, effective care with immediate access to health care information.

Following the HIPAA guidelines, electronic security is installed to ensure that only those that are part of your care have access to your patient information. We have made great progress in training and will continue to make improvements as we work with the new system. We are grateful for the patience of our patients through this implementation as we move to the future of health information access.