Level 1 Stroke Program

Did you know Sibley Medical Center has a Level 1 Stroke Program with Abbott Northwestern?

Sibley Medical Center has been working on this program with Abbott Northwestern with some of the same goals of the Level 1 Cardiac Program(which was implemented at SMC in 2003).

When a patient comes in to our ER and a stroke is diagnosed, the physician calls the ER at Abbott Northwestern to consult with a neurosurgeon and start to activate a team to respond to the patient’s needs once they arrive at Abbott. Our staff at Sibley Medical Center responds quickly to activate certain treatments and get the patient to Abbott as soon as possible. Sibley Medical Center was one of the first hospitals to adopt the Level 1 Stroke program from Abbott and have been fine tuning it over the past several months. We were the first to utilize the network system at Abbott which is afforded our physicians the ability to talk to a neurosurgeon at Abbott to decide on the best treatment program for the patient. Whether it is a heart attack or a stroke, it’s imperative that the patient goes to the hospital as soon as symptoms start. This will help with getting the best treatment with the best outcomes. It could save your life.

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