Imaging Services

Sibley Medical Center’s Imaging Services department (Radiology) offers a wide array of diagnostic imaging services, performed by a team of expert technologists. Imaging

Imaging Services are the behind-the-scenes force harnessing the power of advanced diagnostic tools to help shape healthcare decisions that profoundly affect medical treatment.  Sibley Medical Center partners with an extensive team of technologists and radiologists to deliver state-of-the art diagnostic and interventional radiology services.

At SMC, we are dedicated to the safe and efficient use of advanced imaging to help improve the health of the patients we serve. When appropriately applied, advances in imaging technology enable the early detection of disease that can lead to improved treatment options and outcomes.

Diagnostic imaging plays an important role in your doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat, and we take pride in our capabilities and staff. Whether you’re having an MRI, CT scan, mammogram, x-ray or ultrasound screening, these diagnostic procedures are critical in detecting disease before it progresses. They allow physicians to diagnose disease earlier, design more effective treatment plans and achieve improved outcomes.

Procedures offered by our Imaging Services Department include:

Diagnostic Imaging: Conventional x-rays can be performed on all areas of the anatomy on people of any age.

Ultrasound: Ultrasounds do not use radiation or traditional x-rays and they are used to see a variety of internal organs as well as veins and arteries.

Nuclear Medicine: Provided through a mobile service unit which provides specialized testing using radioactive isotopes to visualize specific body parts.

CT Scan: Computed Tomography Scanning takes multiple pictures or very thin “slices” through the body very quickly- similar to slicing a loaf of bread.  The radiologist can then see great detail in bone, tissue or organs.

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging is available on-site through our mobile imaging unit.  The MR unit utilizes a very strong magnet to take image slices throughout the body.

Mammography:  This is the best and most effective technique in early detection of breast cancer.

DEXA Scan: This procedure is used in bone density testing.

Your provider will determine which type of exam is best for diagnosing or monitoring your condition. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Our professional team is happy to tell you what to expect, whether you are having an MRI, CT scan, digital mammography, x-ray or ultrasound exam.

As imaging technology and procedures continue to evolve, we will remain at the forefront and provide our patients and partners with the latest advances and expertise to apply them.