New Rehabilitation Center Now Open

Arlington, May 2010— 

We are pleased to announce that the  construction of our new Rehabilitation  Center is complete. The new 2185 square  foot area located on the lower level, under  the Arlington clinic, provides for expansion  of physical therapy, occupational therapy,  speech therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory therapy and stress testing. The  design emphases patient privacy with  individual treatment rooms and includes a  central gym area surrounded by a walking path and an adjacent stress testing room. Patients are now able to utilize the state of the art equipment, during expanded therapy treatments, with a new multi-gym, body cycle and body trainer. Physical therapy is available 5 days a week and staffed with a physical therapist and
physical therapist aide. Patients are scheduled in cardiac rehabilitation 3 days a week. Occupational therapy, speech therapy and stress testing are scheduled as needed. We are excited to provide these expanded services close to home for the convenience of our patients.