New Therapy Department coming to SMC

Arlington, July 8, 2009 – Improving patient care continues to be a priority at Sibley Medical Center. The Board of Directors at the June 29th regular meeting voted to approve two remodeling projects. A new expanded therapy area will be located on the lower level under the clinic. The 2185 square foot area will provide additional space for physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and stress testing. The department will include a walking area and the addition of equipment such as a body trainer, an upper body cycle, a cable column, and a multi-station gym. This equipment will be used to increase access to a wider range of treatments. Adjacent to the therapy area a large conference room will be constructed. The third floor where the therapy department is currently located will be remodeled into office space.

In addition the heating and cooling system in the facility will be upgraded. The current system consists of the original 60 year old boilers that have served their useful life and need to be replaced. The new system will include new boilers and air handling equipment that will improve the air quality and efficiency of heating and cooling the facility.

These projects are scheduled to begin in July with an anticipated completion date of November of this year. There should be no disruption of patient services during construction.