Ridgeview Opens New Wound & Hyperbaric Healing Center

Includes two hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers

More than 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic wounds of which healing has been impeded by such diseases and conditions as diabetes, obesity, aging and the late effects of radiation therapy.

Ridgeview has partnered with Healogics, Inc. to bring expanded wound healing services – including two, state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers – to the growing number of patients and area residents who are suffering from chronic or complex wounds. Through its new Wound & Hyperbaric Healing Center – located in the hospital building on Ridgeview’s Waconia campus – patients in the southwest metro can now receive advanced wound treatment without traveling far from home or work.

People who are likely to benefit from Ridgeview’s comprehensive Wound Center services and clinical expertise include those suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections, radiation injuries to soft tissue and bone, or those with compromised skin grafts or wounds that haven’t healed within 30 days. These types of wound can be debilitating, painful and lower a patient’s quality of life.

“We are pleased to expand our wound care services and bring improved local access to nationally recognized, best-practice wound care protocols to our patients and communities,” said Mike Phelps, chief operating officer, Ridgeview Medical Center. “The addition of two hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers – in Waconia – is especially exciting for patients who previously had to travel up to 30 miles or more to receive these services.

“Ridgeview also greatly appreciates the philanthropic support of the Waconia Rotary, which generously donated $5,000 to help fund the purchase of our hyperbaric chambers,” Phelps added. “We are grateful for the Rotary’s continued support of our commitment to providing the best care, technology and patient experience.”

How hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves healing

During hyperbaric therapy, patients are surrounded by and breathe pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. Patients with chronic wounds and specific injuries are treated within a hyperbaric chamber for 90 to 120 minutes per day, five days per week, for up to 40 days.

This promotes wound healing by stimulating small blood vessel growth, promoting new skin growth, fighting infection and more.

Ridgeview’s Wound & Hyperbaric Center is part of the Healogics national network of academic medical centers, hospitals and thousands of professionals committed to advancing wound healing by creating, sharing, and activating wound prevention and care expertise.

For more information about Ridgeview’s Wound & Hyperbaric Healing Center, call (952) 556-2600 or visit www.ridgeviewmedical.org.

About Ridgeview Medical Center

Ridgeview Medical Center is an independent, nonprofit, regional health care system located just 35 minutes west of Minneapolis on Highway 5. Its network includes two hospitals—located in Waconia and Arlington—a multitude of primary and specialty care clinics, emergency services and specialty programs, and Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska—a free-standing 24/7 emergency and urgent care facility with multispecialty clinics and services. For more information, visit www.ridgeviewmedical.org or www.twotwelvemedical.org.

About Healogics, Inc.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Healogics is the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. Healogics and its affiliated companies manage more than 500 Wound Care Centers® in the nation and see nearly 200,000 patients per year through a connected network of centers, partner hospitals, academic medical centers, patients and families. Leveraging its scale and experience, Healogics utilizes an evidence-based systematic approach to chronic wound healing in treating an underserved and growing patient population. For more information, visit www.healogics.com.