Ridgeview renovating and expanding medical center in Arlington

It’s been four years since the former Sibley Medical Center affiliated with the Waconia-based Ridgeview Medical Center and according to Kevin Lindstrand, chairperson, Ridgeview Sibley Board of Directors, “Repeatedly, Ridgeview has fulfilled its commitment to improve our facility and enhance the level of health care we provide to our patients.” Lindstrand references significant technology upgrades, growth in specialty and outpatient services, and the addition of on-site Ridgeview hospitalist services. And, most recently, construction began on the Arlington campus to renovate and expand the emergency and urgent care and other areas within the hospital building. According to Lindstrand, “These are all important investments to help us meet our community’s needs with all of the changes happening in health care today.”

“Ridgeview has added several new providers—including primary care and more specialists—to the local network,” said Lindstrand. He acknowledged that across the U.S., it’s difficult to bring and keep providers in rural health care settings like Sibley County. Yet with Ridgeview’s support, area residents now have access to a more comprehensive network which includes a gastroenterologist, hospitalist services, an oncologist, OB/GYN care, an orthopedic specialist, otolaryngologist (ENT), a podiatrist and pulmonologist and rehabilitation services. Most recently, a Ridgeview pharmacist began working with diabetic patients in Arlington for medication consultation and management.

Improving patient care through building enhancements
There’s more than having access to quality providers that contributes to the Ridgeview patient experience. “And that’s what we’re striving for,” explains Lindstrand. “We want to bring the same, high-quality Ridgeview experience to our community—that means enhancing our environment of care which can be another challenge for rural health care facilities. The current renovation and expansion project would have been much more difficult if not for Ridgeview’s investment.”

After significant planning, design and accommodations to ensure the emergency and urgent care departments would remain open during construction, Lindstrand is more than pleased with the project scope. Ridgeview Sibley is not only updating existing space, but will be adding an additional 2,000 square feet to improve privacy for patients, enhance patient waiting areas, create staff efficiencies, support service growth and improve access.

With construction scheduled to be complete in December 2018, the new design creates four private patient rooms in the Emergency Department and a separate, private entrance for ambulance transport patients. There will be a private triage room and two designated Urgent Care rooms. The laboratory and pharmacy will move to a new space in the hospital building, as will infusion/oncology and there will be a new patient waiting room. Lindstrand emphasizes that the focus of all enhancements are driven by the desire to offer a seamless Ridgeview experience focusing on quality care, safety and privacy for patients and families.

Fundraising campaign under way to raise $250,000
Renovation of the Arlington campus is a $7.5 million project. Although Ridgeview is the primary investor, Ridgeview Foundation and Ridgeview Sibley Foundation have joined together to invite the community—organizations, businesses and individuals—to support this important endeavor. Last spring, the Foundations conducted a feasibility study and determined that there is community support for this renovation project. Therefore, in a joint effort, the Foundations have launched a capital campaign to raise $250,000 in funding. “The success of this effort can mean the difference in whether or not some of our outlying wishes will happen,” explained Gail Estenson, chairperson, Ridgeview Sibley Medical Foundation.

Estenson emphasized that all levels of support make an impact and donors can choose to make a one-time donation or choose to make contributions over three to five years. Naming opportunities are also available at some levels of giving.

Community members are invited to support this fundraising campaign by making an online donation. To learn more or to discuss additional giving opportunities, call 952-442-6010.