Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center Designated as a Stroke-Ready Hospital

Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center joins 89 Minnesota hospitals recognized for their preparedness to evaluate, stabilize and provide emergency treatment to patients with acute stroke symptoms.

Nearly one in three Minnesota stroke victims first receive care at a small, rural hospital. In addition, more than one-third of Minnesotans live more than 60 minutes away from a Primary Stroke Center. These facts highlight the importance of local hospitals becoming designated as stroke-ready facilities.

Stroke-Ready Hospitals

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature authorized the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to designate hospitals in Minnesota as “stroke hospitals.” The designations, from lowest to highest level of stroke care, are Acute Stroke-Ready Hospital, Primary Stroke Center and Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Ridgeview Sibley demonstrated that it meets the criteria to earn this designation and was specifically commended for its stroke protocols, especially systems that have been established around activating the stroke team. The review committee was also pleased with the hospital’s commitment to annual stroke education for providers, nurses and ancillary staff.

“Appropriate recognition and care of a stroke patient can save a life and prevent disability. Since time matters when it comes to a stroke, it is also critically important for the community to know how to recognize the symptoms quickly and call 9-1-1,” explains Matthew Herold, MD, medical director of the Emergency Department at Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center.

Remember F.A.S.T.

To quickly identify stroke symptoms, remember: F.A.S.T.

F – Facial droop/numbness
A – Arm weakness
S – Speech difficulty
T – Time to call 9-1-1