Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center to add Hospitalist Program

The Ridgeview Hospitalist Program, currently providing care at the Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, will expand its program to include caring for patients at Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center in Arlington. Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 5, the Ridgeview Hospitalist Program will be on-site seven days a week providing hospital care.

A hospitalist is a provider who exclusively cares for hospitalized patients. When you are in the hospital, you generally will not see your primary care physician; rather, your hospitalist provider will coordinate your care with your regular doctor and any specialists when needed.

“The hospitalist care model is common throughout the U.S. It increases efficiencies, safety, quality of care, and patient satisfaction,” says Matt Herold, MD, Chief of Staff, ED Medical Director, Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center. “The same team of providers will care for patients throughout their hospital stay, including those recovering following surgery and patients in the transitional care unit. The goal is to keep patients close to home, enhance continuity of care by coordinating and consulting with primary care physicians and specialists, and provide a more seamless experience, consistent with the Ridgeview Waconia campus.”

Ridgeview hospitalists will be in Arlington daily and will also be available to manage care remotely during times when they are not on site. Efficient, remote care was recently made possible with the integration of Ridgeview Sibley patient records with the Ridgeview system earlier this year. Now, a provider in Waconia can access an Arlington patient’s records for remote consultation.