SMC Receives Patient Safety Excellence Awards

Arlington, June 22nd, 2009 – Sibley Medical Center has earned the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Patient Safety Excellence Award for its work on two of the association’s safety campaigns. Patient safety is a top priority for Sibley Medical Center and because of this facility joined the Safe Site Initiative on the prevention of adverse surgical events and the Safe Skin Initiative on the prevention of pressure ulcers. With both initiatives Minnesota teams are working collectively on implementing extensive lists of recommended actions to prevent wrong-site surgeries and other surgical events and pressure ulcers or bed sores. The recommended actions are compiled in the Safe Site Roadmap to a Comprehensive Safe Site Procedure Program and the Safe Skin Roadmap to a Comprehensive Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program. The MHA Patient Safety Excellence Awards are given to facilities that have achieved more than 90 percent of the recommended actions. “Hospitals that receive these awards are to be commended – the bar is set very high”, said the MHA Patient Safety Vice President Tania Daniels. “Hospitals that qualify have achieved measurable and meaningful progress toward implementing best practices to drive down adverse health events”.
“Sibley Medical Center has reviewed our processes and educated our staff to reduce and eliminate adverse health events in these two areas. We are very proud to receive these awards and want to thank our staff for their hard work in these achievements”, said SMC Administrator Rhonda Matz.

The Safe Site and Safe Skin campaigns are posted on the Minnesota Hospital Association web site at MHA Patient Safety.